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Sponsor a Child

Invest in a child's life and help lift them from poverty!

Each young person below needs support to finish school; they had to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances and are living in deep poverty.

Your $25 sponsorship pays for uniforms, school supplies and fees required for school attendance and helps with basic food and clothing. To date over 45 children have been sponsored through Living Water Malawi. Some are now attending secondary school with goals of achieving higher education, hoping to become a  doctor, teacher, nurse etc. Others have graduated and are working or attending college.


Born in 2007

After a cyclone destroyed his home, his parents have not been able afford his school fees.


Born in 2011

Miracle lives in deep poverty, his parents are unable to keep him in school

Chitsanzo Gombe[14643].jpg


Born in 2005

His parents are very poor and they are struggling to try to  keep Chitsanzo in school. 


Born in 2003

          Vanilla is an orphan.               After losing her parents,            then her grandmother,         she now lives in poverty   with her aunt.


Born in 2009

         Prisca lives with her            aunt and sister, Vanilla

Lahim Assima.jpg


Born in 2005

Sponsor a Child
Thank you for making a difference in a child's life!
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